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cupcakes, April 23rd, 2010, 3:04 am ( Reply )

FILLER!!! :D - These are the main characters of this doujin!!
Left to Right is
Singapore - The only one of them who has thick eyebows due to Uk's curse. Why? He thinks it makes him more Lion-ish due to his name originates from the Malay word Singa (Lion). btw - He changed the way it looks so it does not look like Uk's :P Personality is like America's except he has a... height issue XD Singapore claims he is Brunei's rival and tries to compete with her in everyway, though ends up being ignored by her. He lives with Malaya and annoys him when he's bored.
Malaysia(East) - Originally Brunei's territorry until UK patrionized him from her. He acts as her brother and is very protective over her, though his carefree personality does not show it. After the world war 2, Malaysia and Malaya formed the Federation of Malaysia, (Brunei was supposed to be in it but she declined the fact Malaya will be marrying her). Brunei still makes agruments that Malaysia should be with her.
Brunei - She is curious to everything new to her, and dreams to be a country that is known to the world in an instant. Due to her young age, she is restricted to drink or take drugs by the others. Her former territorries say that she was once a scary girl, until she calmed down. She has a habit of keeping grudges due to her former violent self.
Malaysia (West) - Or known as Malaya. He loves Brunei, but she hates him. hahaha.. He gets jealous when his twin brother is closer to Brunei than he is. Malaya also has a hate relationship with Indonesia, because he just does (and some political reasons). Malaya gets annoyed by Singapore every once in a while, but he counters it by cross dressing him.

D: I forgot to put in Indonesia and Phillipines!!!! Nuuuuuuuuuu!!! but i'll tell you their profile aneways.

Indonesia - He is the oldest amongst them all, but ends up fighting with Malaya. Strangely, he attracts animals, so he has pets. Srivijaya the Sumatran Tiger, Majapahit the Javan Rhinocerous and Acheh the Komodo Dragon (named after the three famous island kingdoms of Indonesia o3o). Indonesia also has a strange attraction towards Malaya, though he knows Malaya and him bicker together.
Phillipines - He was also Brunei's territorry until he was kidnapped by Spain (reason Brunei has a grudge over Spain!). Whenever Spain came over, he tells him about the European countries and about how cute Romano is. Phillipines became very Spain-like and very cheerful. When America saves him from Spain, Phillipines believes America is the ultimate hero of the world.

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